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High yield investing guide Lagos Nigeria - I am a business management consultant. People come to me looking for a quick way to move from being poor to being rich, from grass to grace. And I provide them help.

I have created this online high yield investing guide so I can reach more people with this message. Since you're here, I guess you're looking for a quick way to change your financial fortunes . . . a quick way to make money, fast money.

If so, you have come to the right place.

So, let's start.

Thou Shall Not Follow This Path. It Leads To Disaster!

A young man came to my office and he said, "Bros, let me not lie to you. I don't have money. I am a struggling guy. So what I am looking for is something I can invest small money into today and start making good money by next week latest".

Another young man from Benin City sent me a text message. He said, "If I invest 100,000 Naira in your system today, can I earn 250,000 Naira within the first 30 days and earn one million Naira per month every month after the first month?"

The two examples mentioned above reflect the desire of young people in Nigeria today to make quick money, fast money.

That is why 419 (or advance fee fraud) is very popular. And that is why "wonder banks" that offer high yield investing . . . high yield investment offering as much as 200 percent return on the investors capital within the first month . . . are super popular.

In fact, Nigerians troop to the "wonder banks" in large numbers.

But have you noticed that these wonder banks offering this super high return on investment don't last long?

Every one of those wonder banks don't last beyond 12 months to 24 months.

Why do they close down?

Simple. The business is superficial. The business is not real.

Surprisingly, most people investing in this sort of high yield investing option know that these "wonder banks" or "super return" investment houses won't last long. But they reckon that they would last at least 12 months.

Therefore, their strategy is to quickly invest in them within the first 6 months and then quit before the bubble burst.

No doubt, most realize that the high return they receive at the beginning is at the expense of other investors.

Bottom line.

Millions of Nigerians lose money every time these "wonder return investment houses" fail. In fact, many of these investors in wonder banks eventually suffer heart attacks when these investment houses fail. And millions never recover from the loss.

You know why?

It's because the high yield investing houses took their money and gave it to you as your profit.

Now you have that on your conscience.

Obviously, this is not the way to build a long-term profitability business . . . an income source that sustains you and your family for life.

My advice?

Thou shall not follow this path. It leads to disaster!

High Yield Investment - The Strategy That Works

Every rich man you see today started somewhere.

Some were fortunate to inherit immense wealth from their parents and so were basically born into riches.

However, the majority spent some time developing and nurturing a concept or business idea (or learning a skill). Then they grew this business idea into a huge business that now makes them millions, even billions, of Naira every month.

Let me break that down.

The above means that there is . . .

  • A time for planting
  • A time for watering
  • A time for weeding and nurturing and
  • A time for reaping

    Does the above mean that you have to do business for 20 years before you become a millionaire?


    Does it mean you have to grow gray hair to become a billionaire?

    Certainly not!

    So what is the high yield investing strategy or investing ideas that shorten the time between sowing and reaping?

    It's summed up in what I call "the secrets of the rich" discussed in the investing for dummies guide . . . the section that focuses on helping the average guy think and invest like the rich.

    I'm sure that you know that the right process delivers the right result all the time.

    So, if you know how millionaires think and invest, then by doing the same things they do and investing the same way they invest, you can become a millionaire sooner than later. And from there on, sharpen your skills and move to the next level . . . a billionaire.

    In summary . . .

    Do not risk your high earned money pursuing wealth through high yield investing offered by "wonder banks".

    Instead, invest in high yield investing strategies that follows the simple realistic process of sowing and reaping.

    This system is explained fully in the investing for dummies section of this site.

    Click HERE to visit the investing for dummies guide and start investing like the rich do even if you have small capital.

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