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Free house plans Lagos Nigeria - This free home plans directory offers free download of all types of building plans from experts and enthusiasts alike.

But before there can be any kind of free house plan for download, there has to first be . . .

1. Provision for upload (the platform and tools to upload building plans into the server) and

2. Willingness of architects, draftsmen, and home designers to upload their finished work

Fortunately, this directory of free home plans provides the platform and the tools required for anyone to upload free house plans created by them (or for which they have specific authorization)into this directory for free download by site visitors.

That brings us to the second issue around free home plans. That is, the willingness of home designers, architects, draftsmen, and other housing professionals to upload their sweat . . . home designs they laboured and toiled on . . . as free downloads.

If you're a home designer, would you allow the general public to download your building plans free?

Obviously, some will say yes while others will say a BIG NO.

The truth is . . . what you decide to do with your work is entirely up to you. You created the building plan yourself. Whether bungalow house plans, luxury house plans, or some other exotic home plans, you created them yourself. So they are all yours.You own the copyright. Therefore what you do with them is up to you.

However, some home designers have found that there are key advantages associated with offering part of their home design work as free house plans for free download by website visitors.

Let's explore these key advantages.

Free Stuff Becomes Popular Stuff

People just like free stuff.

They want . . .

  • free ebooks
  • free music downloads
  • free air time
  • free cable channels (popularly called free-to-air)
  • free car ride
  • free textbooks
  • free movie download and even
  • free house plans (or free home plans)
  • If you check on the internet, you will find that 'FREE' is the most popular word.

    Here's the fact of life made even popular by the internet.

    When something is free, it becomes extremely popular because friends pass it on to friends and family who pass it on to friends and family. Before long it spreads like wild fire. And so does the author's popularity.

    That is how Yahoo Mail, hotmail, and Gmail got very popular.

    So, want your home design expertise to be valued and highly priced?

    Offer a free version.

    Facebook, Twitter, And Youtube - The Masters of Free Stuff

    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and linkedin have become the most popular websites on the worldwide web.

    As at the time of this writing, Facebook had over 500 million members while linkedin had over 170 million members.

    That is huge!

    At one time in early 2011, it was even rumoured that major investors were bidding as much as $8-10 billion US dollars to purchase the microblogging company, Twitter.

    10 billion USD for just one site!

    Wait. What made twitter, facebook, youtube, and linkedin as big as they are?

    It's because it's free to you.

    Get the point?

    Free stuff that is good and that meet client needs in a unique way, become extremely popular stuff. And when something becomes extremely popular, the originator becomes extremely popular and 'stupidly rich' too.

    Offer Free Home Plans - Get Big Contracts

    My number one recommendation is that if you're a professional home designer who wants to make it big, you should offer some of your house design work as free downloads . . . free house plans for download by site visitors at zero cost.

    When people download your designs free and experience it, they are likely to want to work with you on a custom house design project that they will likely pay big bucks for.

    Ready to upload your free home plans?

    Simply use the form below.

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    Submit Free House Plans. Share The Story Behind The Design.

    Are you an architect or home designer?

    Submit your free house plans using the form below.

    Visitors who enjoy your design will call you for paid jobs sooner or later.

    Use the simple form below.

    It's FREE!


    1. You can include a story in your submission.

    2. Submit original stories and designs. If you have already posted this design or story on another website, Do NOT post it here.
    It is called duplicate content. And we delete duplicate content. The message you post here MUST be original.

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