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Build a dog house portal Lagos Nigeria - Dogs have long been touted as "man's best friend". And for good reasons.

Your dog is likely to be the first to welcome you home after a tough day at work. Your dog announces the presence of a visitor, friend or foe. Your dog will come to your rescue with tenacious boldness, courage and fearlessness when someone attacks or attempts to attack you.

Since you live in a house, your 'best friend' . . . your dog . . . deserves to also live in a house. So, build a dog house for your dog.

Now, there are two categories of people who own dogs . . . home owners or landlords and people who live in rented apartments or tenants.

Landlords or Nigeria real estate owners have the liberty to build a dog house anywhere they like within the four corners of their property. In fact, they can decide to convert an entire room within the apartment building into a dog house instead of having to build a new dog house from scratch.

As they say, "he who plays the pipe dictates the tune".

Therefore, if you own a property anywhere in Nigeria and you decide to create a building within the premises exclusively for dog house, no one can rightly challenge you.

What if you're a tenant living in a rented apartment?

You can still build a dog house even if you are not the landlord.

Here's the thing.

Some landlords or property owners love pets. So they welcome tenants with pets as tenants. On the other hand, some landlords are not into pets and so they specify in advance that pets are not allowed in within the property.

You don't need to worry about landlords who don't know the worth of pets and who don't know the bond between you and your pet.


simple. Thousands of landlords in Lagos Nigeria don't mind if you have a pet or not.

Another thing.

A lot of property owners do not live in the house they built. Some who do have more than one house and so may not be bothered if someone has a pet in one of the properties they built but where they do not reside.

So, how do you build a doghouse in another man's house?

Since you're not the property owner, you do not have the liberty to build a large dog house. Actually, some folks in Lagos simply make a movable dog cage they can change it's position when they feel like it.

So, if you're a tenant or landlord and you love dogs, then build a doghouse for your lovely dog. There are sound reasons do so.

P.S: The freedom to be able to build to taste your dog house is one more reason why you should invest in Nigeria real estate.


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