Bank Homes For Sale Lagos Nigeria - Bank Properties For Sale On The Island

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Bank homes for sale Lagos Nigeria - Directory of bank properties for sale in Island areas of Lagos Nigeria.

This bank homes for sale directory is in four parts:

1. Bank properties for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria

2. Bank properties for sale in island areas of Lagos Nigeria

3. Bank foreclosure properties for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria and

4. Bank foreclosure properties for sale in island areas of Lagos Nigeria

You will notice that items 3 & 4 look similar to items 1 & 2.

Yes, they look similar but they are not the same.

What's the difference? Are they not all bank homes for sale?

Yes, they are all bank homes for sale but there is a difference between bank properties that fall under categories 1 & 2 and those that fall under categories 3 & 4.

Here's the difference.

Over the last couple of years, banks in Nigeria have established subsidiaries specializing in home mortgage and estate development. These subsidiaries are essentially the real estate arm of these commercial banks.

Armed with big capital from the public offer series that took the capital base of these commercial banks to the 25 billion Nair mark, these bank subsidiaries embarked on building whole estates in strategic locations especially in Lagos Nigeria and some key cities within the country.

The result?

Banks became estate agents of some sort.

Properties developed by banks that are being sold to customers fall into categories 1 & 2 above. And to keep this directory sane, I have made it a point of duty to separate the directory for mainland properties from that of island properties. This makes the directory easy to navigate and easy to search. That means better results for you and minimum waste of time.

Bank properties that have been taken over by banks and are being put in the market for sale to interested parties fall under categories 3 & 4 above. And they are also categorized under mainland and island properties so that potential buyers can easily find them.

Bottom line.

This directory is for you whether you're a Lagos Nigeria real estate investor looking for premium bank owned properties to buy or you're a bank staff or estate agent with information about bank properties for sale.

My advice?

Please post in the appropriate directory and provide as much information as possible when you make your post.

List bank real estate for sale on the mainland in this directory using the simple form below.

Visit the mainland bank properties for sale directory to list bank properties for sale in mainland areas of Lagos Nigeria.

P.S: Looking to buy bank owned properties on the island? Then browse the list underneath the property submission form below. Can't find what you want? Simply contact us.

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