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Let me be honest with you . . . moving from one apartment to another can be tedious work especially if you're someone who currently occupies a large apartment.

If you currently occupy a single room apartment or a self contain apartment, you will obviously have fewer luggage to deal with. Therefore, moving from one apartment to another wouldn't be so much of a headache.

However, if you currently occupy a 3 bedroom flat or a 5 bedroom duplex, then relocating to another apartment or duplex can be a big headache.

That is where apartment movers come into the picture.

Apartment movers are companies that help people relocate from one apartment building to another. These companies handle the tedious logistics of moving heavy furniture, heavy luggage, and the numerous belongings of clients who have piles and piles of things to carry.

If you live in a 3 bedroom flat and have experienced the challenge of relocating, then you will appreciate the problems faced by folks who live in 5 bedroom duplexes or even seven bedroom duplexes.

Many people actually breakdown after the tedious work of relocating to a new apartment.

Let's face reality.

Yes, you can actually relocate from one apartment to another without engaging the services of apartment movers or apartment relocation companies. But the question is . . . is all the stress worth it? Is it worth it to move to a new apartment and then breakdown thereafter?

That sort of limits the joy of moving, doesn't it?

Apartment Mover Tips

As mentioned above, you can't do it all alone. So, how do you minimize the stress of relocating?

The first obvious way to reduce the stress of apartment relocation is to engage the services of a relocation company or apartment movers.

The reliable relocation company will provide . . .

  • Suitable transportation
  • Manpower to empty your apartment
  • Manpower to load and unload the vehicle and
  • Flawless management of the entire process

    However, relocation companies cost money. And so, even people who live in big houses may not be inclined to use relocation companies because they're concerned about saving money.

    If saving money is important to you, you can . . .

  • Hire a truck from any truck park in Lagos Nigeria
  • Hire a good number of motor boys or truck assistants from the truck park
  • Provide appropriate directions to your house
  • Monitor them while they empty your apartment
  • Monitor them as they load and unload the truck

    . . . and take inventory to ensure your personal belongings are delivered to your new home complete with none missing in transit.

  • A note of caution here.

    'Motor boys' and truck-park boys can be notorious. A good number of them tend to have 'park mentality' . . . the habit of picking things. Some people even claim that some of these motor park boys can come back to rob you at a latter date (sometime in the future) if they see you're heavily loaded or have a lot of expensive stuff in your house.

    My advice?

    Be careful when relocating. The money you save by choosing not to use a relocation company may be peanuts compared to what you lose by using park touts who come back to attack you (or use their friends to attack you) to collect your valuables.

    Remember the term "penny-wise pound foolish"?.

    Don't let it apply to you. Don't become a part of this statistics.

    Here's a tip to make it easier on you on the date relocation date and the days after that.

    Start arranging your stuff in containers/bags at least two weeks before your planned date of relocation whether you're handling the relocation entirely by yourself or through a relocation company.

    Another MUST-Do.

    Be sure to label those bags as you fill them with items to avoid endless search for your stuff when you get to your new house.

    The truth is . . . there's nothing as annoying as searching for stuff when you are already exhausted and disenchanted by the workload of moving.

    So, label your stuff properly so that it will be easy to retrieve them in your new house. That will save you a lot of frustration.

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