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Apartment furniture Lagos Nigeria - This free home furniture guide provides some helpful tips for getting appropriate apartment furniture, furnishings, and fittings for your apartment.

Usually when you rent a regular apartment in Lagos Nigeria, you will find that the apartment is bare. It's then up to you to adopt your own strategy to furnish and decorate the apartment to your taste.

You will also find that if you're moving into an apartment where someone just moved out, you will have to re-paint the apartment to your taste before even worrying about apartment furniture or home furniture.

Painting an already painted apartment may sound like an extra cost to some, but that simple touch of paint may be all you need to get the homely feeling you're accustomed to.

Many families have a way of messing up apartments when they are about to exit. And for those who do not deliberately mess up the apartment because they are on their way out, they may have children who write on the walls and simply just dirty everything as part of childhood play.

Consequently, you have no choice but to re-paint. Once you have done that, the next natural concern is apartment furniture.

Every home has apartment furniture of different sort. For example, you will need . . .

  • Living room furniture
  • Dining room furniture
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Bathroom cabinets and
  • Bedroom furniture

    You also have to decide what sort of wardrobes you will use in your apartment. Should you buy movable already-made standard wardrobes you can ship to another apartment if and when you finally decide to leave this new apartment in the future or should you call a carpenter to construct custom fixed (immovable) wardrobes for you?

    Another issue to consider when evaluating home furniture options is the cost.

    Different furniture makers have different pricing for same furniture range. Things that affect pricing include . . .

  • Quality of finish
  • Type of wood used
  • Craftsmanship of the furniture maker
  • Income status of the furniture maker
  • Office location and
  • Client base

    I will tell you a story to help you understand how income status, location of furniture vendour, and client base affect the cost of home furniture supplied by any particular vendour.

  • My friend wanted to buy living room furniture for his new house sometime in 1999. So, he stepped into a home furniture show room along Obafemi Awolowo Road Ikeja Lagos Nigeria. Instantly, he fell in love with a living furniture set that was superbly finished. And he wanted to buy it right away.

    The price tag on the furniture was 120,000 Naira.

    Guess what.

    My friend was just a management trainee in a blue chip company who recently got out of school and was new to his first real job. Sadly, 120,000 Naira was far far above what he could afford.

    He had to be honest with himself. He told himself that category of home furniture was beyond his status and capability. So, he stepped out feeling unfulfilled.

    What next?

    He decided to look for the category of home furniture that was within his budget, his financial capability. Then he found the furniture market near Cement Bus stop Dopemu, on the Lagos Abeokuta expressway.

    He contracted a furniture maker in that market to construct a set of living room furniture for him similar to the one who could not afford. And the furniture vendour tried his best.

    What my friend ended up with was a hand-crafted furniture that cost him 40,000 Naira . . . apartment furniture similar to the one who couldn't afford but at one-third the price.

    So, if you have the budget, shop for apartment furniture in expensive furniture showrooms all over Lagos Nigeria.

    However, if you're an "average Joe" with average income like most Nigerians, then find a local furniture maker who understands the craft of beautiful home furniture and who will do a great job at a fair price.

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    Share Your Experience With Furniture Makers & Showrooms. Recommend Good Furniture And Interior Decoration Companies.

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