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Opportunity To Earn Extra Cash.

affiliate marketing program lagos nigeria africa

Affiliate marketing program from a multinational health and wellness company with head office in the USA and branches in over 50 countries including Nigeria . . . welcome to the #1 health and wellness partner program.

This multinational affiliate marketing program is designed to help direct sales partners (or affiliates) generate income by referring prospects to the company.


What is affiliate marketing all about?

Affiliate marketing simply refers to the process whereby independent marketing associates . . . called affiliates or sales associates . . . promote the products or services of a company for a share of the profit.

There are two sides to any affiliate marketing program . . .

1. The company and

2. The sales associate or affiliate

There is also a reason why companies adopt affiliate marketing programs and why independent affiliates register or become members of affiliate programs.

Companies use affiliate programs to recruit motivated affiliates to sell their products because affiliates do a better job than employees.

Independent affiliates are . . .

1. Self motivated

2. Self driven

3. Committed and

4. Result oriented

Independent affiliates reach segments of the market that employees may not reach in decades. Affiliates market to uncles, aunties, friends, neighbours, and all kinds of acquaintances . . . people that organizations may not reach in years.

Guess what.

Since these motivated affiliates often market to people in their circle of influence, they tend to have higher conversion rate than employees who try to market to the same market.

Bottom line.

Companies sell more when they adopt the affiliate marketing program model.

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing To You The Affiliate

Why should you, or anyone for that matter, promote or market the products and services of another company as an affiliate?

It's because you benefit yourself when you do.

There are actually four key benefits of affiliate business to you, the affiliate.

First, affiliates get paid when they refer business to the company they represent. And, if you choose the right program, the commission you receive from this referral or affiliate business can be more than twice your current salary.

The second reason why affiliate marketing business is good is because it can be done part-time or full-time.

This means that you can run an affiliate business (or referral business) even if you have paid employment. Being an affiliate of a company does not disturb your current business or employment.

The third key benefit of affiliate business is . . . independence.

When you become an affiliate of the multinational health and wellness company we have chosen to partner with, you actually become an independent sales associate or independent business owner.

This means you're not an employee who . . .

  • reports to the office every day
  • has a fixed target that must be met and
  • receives a salary

    Affiliates are not paid a salary.

    Instead, affiliates receive commission which is dependent on the amount of sales you bring to the business. Therefore, the more you sell, the more you earn.

    Affiliates are independent of the company!

    Affiliate business is the bomb!

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