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Modern House Plans Lagos Nigeria - Free Modern Home Plans. Downloadable Home Designs.

Modern house plans Lagos Nigeria - Modern houses in Lagos Nigeria come in various exotic designs. The plans are getting sharper and so is the finish.

These modern house plans are a reflection of good things to come.

Guess what.

It's not just about the look and feel of the finished work. It's also about the thought process.

So, what is the driving philosophy of these new exotic modern home plans?

Two key words define these modern home plans . . . privacy and convenience.

At first glance you may not realize it.

But, believe me, the modern house plans in Lagos Nigeria demonstrate some forethought and maturity. And when you look closely, you will realize that privacy and convenience are woven into modern home designs.

Privacy Defined Modern Home Plans

When it comes to family privacy, many parents do not want visitors who are acquaintances to go beyond their living room.

Therefore, a modern house plan that takes into consideration family privacy does two things:

1. It provides a visitors toilet near the entrance of the living room

2. It provides a passage (with a door) between the bedrooms and the living room and

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3. It prevents visitors from seeing activities in the kitchen by pushing the kitchen backwards

These two home design features in modern home plans effectively ensure that visitors are contained within the living room area and not get too acquainted or knowledgeable about the goings on within the family (some visitors can be nosy!)

See a sample of this type of modern home plan below.

Building Plan With Privacy Interwoven

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Convenience Defined Modern Building Plans

Convenience defined modern house plans have convenience built into the design. And a major area where convenience is required is the use of the bathroom and toilet facilities in an apartment.

For example, old apartment building plans use to provide for one toilet for, say, a 3 bedroom apartment. And often the toilet and the bathroom was stuck together in the same space.

Older folks who lived in this type of apartments will tell you that there were times when they were seriously pressed and needed to use the toilet. They rushed in feeling like their bowel was about to explode.

Unfortunately, sometimes they couldn't even get in to use the toilet because another member of the family was having her bath. And she wasn't about to get out so her younger brother could use the toilet.

The good news is that modern house plans with built-in convenience now provide for one toilet and bath per room. So, when you're pressed or need to take your bath quickly to catch up with an appointment, you can be sure the toilet or bath will be vacant.

That is convenience!

See a sample of convenience defined modern home plans below.

Building Plan With Convenience Interwoven

Modern House Plan - The Issues

Some people argue that one of the drawbacks of modern home plans in Lagos Nigeria is small rooms.

While this argument is still raging, some others will quickly chip in that small bedroom is not the only problem. They shout at the top of their voice, "Add to it the annoyingly small premises. The kids don't even have enough space to play anymore!"

Yes, indeed, modern home builders in Lagos Nigeria are allocating less and less space per building.

Consequently, Lagos real estate agents are likely to show you more and more small apartments and less than spacious apartment building premises . . . apartment buildings within a small piece of land.

Are modern developers just plain greedy businessmen without conscience?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Before you impale Lagos real estate develops, remember that . . .

1. Land is very expensive in developed areas of Lagos Nigeria

2. Real estate developers receive construction loans at 17-22 percent interest rate and

3. Developers have to turn profit despite issues related to items 1 & 2 above, if they are to stay in business and continue to build more houses for other Nigerians to occupy.

That notwithstanding, be assured that you can still get very big houses (even mansions) in Lagos Nigeria if you so desire. But you have to be ready to pay for it because it cost real money.

However, if you're average guy, enjoy the beauty of small apartments.

P.S: Want a building plan that captures everything you want in your house? Simply fill the form below to provide us details about the house you wish to build and we will draw a building plan for you that meet your requirements.

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