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Building Design And Building Plans - Don't Make This Fatal Mistake!


First time home builders and first time home buyers make the same fatal mistake over and over again. And this can be very expensive when it comes to buying or building a house of your own.

What mistake is that?

It is the mistake of doing what others do or planning to do what others do.

In fact, there are actually three traps or fatal mistakes that can slow down or even stop the first time home buyer or builder (and even some experienced buyers and builders) from achieving their dream of having their own home sooner.

The first is what is mentioned above . . . the desire to do what others did.

The second is the desire to impress your friends. Some people thinking of buying or building a home want to surprise (or even impress) their friends.

Consequently, they choose a building design that is way off their league and therefore take longer to complete or take longer to buy, if they ever do buy it.

My advice?

1. Do not let your friends determine how you will live your life

2. Do not be ashamed to build your house (or buy a home) that reflects the size of your pocket

Thousands of first time home builders obsessed with impressing their friends end up starting a gigantic building project that takes 3-5 yrs to complete. And the sad part is that thousands end up being stuck as tenants
for life when a negative change in their financial circumstances occurs before they complete the house. And therefore are unable to complete the building project.

My recommendation is . . . start small with your first house and complete it within a short period.

The feeling of satisfaction when you complete the construction of your first house and become a landlord for the first time is electrifying.

After that first success, you would have learned a valuable lesson about home building. And that first success (including the challenges you experienced along the way), can propel you to even greater successes.

If you decide to buy a house instead of building one, ask yourself: "what can I buy RIGHT NOW or within the next 6 months to 1 year?"

Life is unpredictable. So, whatever you can afford to buy or build RIGHT NOW, just do it.

Forget your friends. Forget what people will say.

Buy or build a house no matter how small.

Believe me, that first taste of how it feels to be a landlord . . . the taste of the joy of being in-charge, the taste of freedom . . . will result in even more successes.

Yes, the joy of building one house from start to finish can result in a determination to build more!

Bottom line.

This is your life! Live it on your terms!

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